Video + Sound Wk 2

Reflections on the Soundwalk Project

Link to soundwalk:

Link to soundwalk (without a copyright soundtrack):

As someone who has rarely worked with sound, this was a fun and eye (or ear) opening experience. There were certain parts of this project that I felt were easier and more enjoyable than others. Collecting sounds was a great experience; it was wonderful to be able to hear the minute, every day sounds more clearly. It had the same awesomeness of using a microscope, in that it magnified what I normally wouldn’t pay attention to.

I think the challenging part of this whole process was coming up with a script for the narration of our sound walk. I think it was hard for us to focus in on exactly what point of view this character would have, what the narrator would be saying, and what role the listeners would be having in this soundwalk. We all contributed great ideas and were supportive of them, which is probably what made it difficult to narrow down to just one path.  It took us a while to crystallize exactly what that mission was, and it was hard to collect actual sounds we could use without knowing what the script was. Once we finalized and wrote our script, which helped a lot with collecting what we needed. August did an amazing job narrating the script we came up with, Qice and I had compiled a bunch of found and free sounds to go with it.

Another interesting part of the assignment was trying to edit the sounds as a group. We had talked about dividing up the task of compiling and editing the soundwalk into 3 different sections so that we would all be able to work in Audition. After discussing amongst ourselves, we realized it would be a more consistent soundtrack if one person compiled the first draft and then the other people would edit afterwards. The challenge is that I don’t think this set up allows us all to be able to learn/ practice in Adobe Audition the same amount. Because of this division of labor, I ended up editing here and there after the first draft was done. Of course, that is on me, but at the same time the group setup made it a little more difficult to compile/edit at the same time. In this editing phase, I personally didn’t find it ideal to have 3 people working on it.

It was also fun to mix and edit sounds in Adobe Audition-cutting and pasting sections, trying effects, mixing multiple sounds together. There are so many possibilities and effects to explore. Another time, on my own, I would love to be able to just mess around with the program just to play with effects. I can definitely tell that I’m just scratching the surface with that program and I’m excited to keep going with it.