Video + Sound Wk 3


Written by Nuntinee

In 21st century, humans work harder than ever to satisfy their needs, be it food, shelter, money for families and loved ones or even for that sense of competition and achievement. But this list of wants and needs never seems to end! And working requires too much time and effort!

That is why Dream Corp came up with its latest innovation, the Genie Blender. The Genie blender gets you everything you want in just a press. The question is how will people use it? What will they ask for if they could have everything? Find out in our social experiment.

“Literally your dream smoothie, blend it” – The ITP Times
“Vision for the future” – Tisch News

The storyboard was really fun for me to make; it helped me visualize how we’d go about filming this. I’m hoping it helps my teammates as well.

genieblender_storyboard_20180923_1 copygenieblender_storyboard_20180923_2 copygenieblender_storyboard_20180923_3genieblender_storyboard_20180923_4