Video + Sound Wk 4-7

Where to begin?

Step 1.) The storyboard sounds like a good place to start. In hindsight, the ideation now seems like the easy part. The initial step of coming up with and storyboarding our concept was a fun and simple process. In the future, if I work on another video project I should really think more realistically when storyboarding. I put parts of the story in there that I just enjoyed and fit well with the story, but I didn’t think through the logistics of adding such a scene in. We had a unicorn corgi, a monk, a homeless person, a breaking blender in the scene – this is all wonderful until we have to try and find all these things for shooting.

Step 2.) After storyboarding and figuring out who would get which props, we went to Nun’s place and did our first shoot! Since this was one of the few times that I’ve ever shot a video, there was definitely a learning curve for me. Nun and I started to set up all the magic genie blender promo-like shots, which was a fun and crafty activity to do. I had gotten all the craft supplies (like wool, glitter, construction paper) and Nun got all the sweets that we’d put into the blender. Below are some images of the setup. I also made the mistake of forgetting the tripod at the ITP floor, so we just had to make do with the makeshift tissue box setup, which was not ideal but still helpful.


Below is an image of Nun vaping to create the cool smoke effect. What a team player!


Step 3.) Then we each were given access to the footage that was shot and we each individually made our our rough cuts. Below is the rough cut video I edited:


genieBlender_end_EL_02 from Emily L on Vimeo.


Step 4.) After the first rough cut, we then needed to shoot the scenes with all the people and reshoot some of the blender product shots. This time around we got much better shots, probably because of more experience. Thankfully my parents were also visiting the same weekend, so I dragged them into the project and had them play some of the characters. The shoot went long because we also reshoot many of the blender product shoots, which I’m so glad we did. These shots are so much better! Then we shot all the scenes with the people which Bilal had written a rough script for us to review before our scene, but a lot of the dialogue was also done as improv. I think it worked out because it was a little more natural this way. After shooting, we then each edited our own rough cuts again using the new footage. We each took a section. Nun did the intro + 1 character, Bilal did 2 characters, I did 2 characters + end. Below is my section of the 2nd rough:


Genieblender_20181014_v10 from Emily L on Vimeo.


Step 5.) Nun then graciously did the task of compiling all of our videos together to make the final. Below is the result of our efforts!

Genie Blender Live Demo from User ID: 7060186 on Vimeo.


The best thing about our group was our attitude toward the editing of the project. We prioritized learning over a polished end result. We were intent of each editing (as opposed to just one person doing it), so that we all would be able to learn Premiere. It was important to us that we all do the editing. I’m glad we approached  it this way, because I do think I (personally) learned how to use Premiere, a program I’ve never worked with before. From watching Nun’s rough cuts, I also think I became more sensitive to how scenes are cut, and how they interact with the music.

Challenges were learning how to balance between sticking to the game plan and going with the flow of the group. I think I also learned that I need to voice my concerns and my opinions and that it is okay to have different opinions.

Overall, I’m just happy that I am now more comfortable with using Premiere (though there is a lot to learn still) and shooting a video using one of the HD cameras. It’s always great to learn technical skills.