Understanding Networks Wk5: Explanatory Article Idea

For my explanatory article topic idea, I would like to research the generation of mobile network technologies, from the first generation developed by Bell system to our current carriers, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint.

Some topics I am hoping to cover with this:

  • What is 5G and how does it work? Millimeter waves, massive MIMO, full duplex, beam forming, and small cells are some of the technologies that enable 5G networks. But what do they do and how do they work together?
  • The generations of mobile networks: understanding the differences between 1G through 5G
  • Cellular frequency: It would be interesting to see what frequency band each of these generations are covering and why we need higher frequency.
  • IP/TCP for Data Communication in Phones: 3G and 4G rely on IP networks. Does this change anything for the hardware of the phone? How has this made a difference in the hardware of phones?

Rough notes and outline based on some readings: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_31o73Qx1UtwMeuC2sxrYzyWTL0C5DIePgknnjVH6C4/edit?usp=sharing

Another idea: Energy of data centers (still need to research more on this though!)

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