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Video + Sound Wk 4-7

Where to begin? Step 1.) The storyboard sounds like a good place to start. In hindsight, the ideation now seems like the easy part. The initial step of coming up with and storyboarding our concept was a fun and simple process. In the future, if I work on another video project I should really think […]

Video + Sound Wk 3

Synopsis Written by Nuntinee In 21st century, humans work harder than ever to satisfy their needs, be it food, shelter, money for families and loved ones or even for that sense of competition and achievement. But this list of wants and needs never seems to end! And working requires too much time and effort! That […]

Video + Sound Wk 2

Reflections on the Soundwalk Project Link to soundwalk:¬† Link to soundwalk (without a copyright soundtrack): As someone who has rarely worked with sound, this was a fun and eye (or ear) opening experience. There were certain parts of this project that I felt were easier and more enjoyable than others. Collecting sounds was a […]

Video + Sound Wk 1

Folder of found sounds for our group sound walk:¬†google drive — Reflections of Sound Walk, 9:09 by John Luther Adams As I was walking down 5th Ave between 83rd and 75th St, the sounds of the traffic and the sounds of the people talking as they passed me by would merge with this slightly ethereal […]