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ICM Wk3: Moon Phases

Final result:¬†sketch — Process: For this week’s project to work with more rule-base animation, motion and interaction, and to try making a rollover, button or slider from scratch; I teamed up with Eva! We started out by first discussing potential concepts; we both liked the idea of trying to show the phases of the moon […]

ICM Wk 2 Hw

Final result:¬†sketch Concept 1 For this week’s assignment to create a p5.js piece that has: a.) 1 element controlled by the mouse, b.) 1 element changing over time, and c.) 1 element that is different every time you run it; I came up with this idea for a ‘moody weather’ series. The idea for the […]

ICM Wk 1: Mort Mort

For this assignment to draw an alien using p5.js, I am purposely trying to code based off of my drawing. The reason I am doing this is because I am hoping I’ll learn more if I try to code the actual result that I want, instead of creating a jumbling of shapes as I go […]

ICM Wk 1: How Computation Applies to Me

With my work and life, I hope to create educational experiences that help myself and others better understand a topic, a person’s point of view, and the world around us. This is why I’ve made it a point to find graphic design work opportunities that were not just about selling products to consumers (i.e. not […]