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Animation Wk 6-7

Idea:  When the user shows this hand drawn x symbol to the screen, which is often seen when the console shows an error in your code, a coding syntax character will appear. Associated with each character is a little blurb about the syntax and some helpful reminders when using it. This AR piece is intended […]

Animation Wk 2-5: After Effect

Final results: Kitty Luv from Emily L on Vimeo. — For our after effects project, our group (Shivani, Shiyu, and I) cycled through many different ideas before landing on what story we wanted to tell. We had a lot of inspiration that we shared amongst each other, but below are the two main influences that […]

Animation Wk 1: Stop Motion

Here is the final!   Reflections + Process Our first steps as a group was to share inspirations and ideas. After we shared the animations we were into and the ideas we had, we narrowed our concept down to just and storyboarded from there. We came up with this quick and dirty storyboard: Afterwards we […]