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DWD Wk 5-7: Final

Final: Final code here. Objective: This website is an online chat service. I tried to make it lighthearted as I treated this project mostly as a learning experience. I was using this final as a way to practice using, node, express and heroku. Helpful Resources:

DWD Wk 3: HW

Some resources provided by the professor this time: Code we did in class, and outline of how to get started with Heroku and SQL — Intro to SQL Extra Resources (provided by Mingna): — Questions about these instructions: (  1.) “In your local shell, you can try PORT=12345 node index.js” (in your […]

DWD Wk 3

In class notes: git branch (tells you what branch you are on) git status (gets status/tells you where you are) git checkout master (goes back to master) git checkout -b (creates new branch) touch.gitignore (create .gitignore file) touch “filename” (creates a new file) Steps for creating branch: 1. git branch fileName 2. git checkout (like […]

DWD Wk 2

Assignment lives on github Notes: npm install -s body-parser npm install -s npm install mustache –save npm install express –save   Somewhat helpful resources (?): lynda nodejs tutorial   The most helpful:

DWD Wk 1

Part 1: Make a static HTML page using specific HTML tags listed on the site. Get your static website hosted somewhere publicly available. For part 1, I decided to make a website about penguins. I had a good time and may have gotten carried away with the css and penguin side of things. Code for the website […]