Category: Fabrication

Fab Wk 6: Moods + Mounting Motors

Despite this being the last week of finals and the fact that I’m with a cold, I was super excited to do something with servo motors. I was a little bit more short on time than usual, so I wasn’t able to start till Thursday. I’ve been wanting to make something/ play with servo motors […]

Fab Wk 5: Materials

For this week’s assignment to use 2 different materials, I decided to use vinyl and cork. I wanted to use this as an excuse to use ITP’s vinyl cutter. When working at a prior job we would always send out our files to have the vinyl cut, so I was determined to learn how this […]

Fab Wk 3: Laser Cutting

For this week’s project to work with the laser cutter, I used laser cut acrylic and LED strips to create a light box. I jumped around between several ideas, but eventually landed on the idea of doing animal shaped night light/ light box. Final result: — Process:  First was sketching out the animals on illustrator. […]

Fab Wk 2: Modular

For this week’s assignment to make 5 identical objects, I decided to make hexagon ping pong paddles! The final result is below.   — Process: Originally, I was planning to do five bird houses, and even got so far as doing 1 birdhouse. See image below. I was not happy with the end result of […]

Fab Wk 1: Flashlight

Final Result:  For this first assignment to make a flashlight, I knew I wanted to do something boxy and minimal. This is partly due to my current skill limitations in the woodshop ( i have yet to learn how make anything remotely round using wood) and my preference for clean-looking aesthetics. I also wanted to give […]