Category: Spring 2019

Light Wk 3: Light Shops!

The past Monday I went on a delightful stroll to Kenmore & Bowery, the street where all the light shops live apparently. One my trip, I tried to examine how the light fixtures were made and what materials were used. There were many shops to visit, so I will try to list them out in […]

Light Wk 2: Observations

Early Morning Exterior:  Sunday, 02/10/19, 10:41 AM Midwood, Brookyln This is not that early morning and almost noon time as the shadows indicates. The shadows are slanted at around 4pm/ 5pm on a clock, which makes a lot of sense since this was taken near 11am morning. They are also crisp and create dark, cool […]

Light Wk 2: Candle

Code here Interaction: When you touch the circle “button”, the light will go to flickering state. If the button is pressed for 2 seconds, the light goes to “wild” flickering state. If the button is pressed for another 2 seconds, the light will go off. After 5 seconds of being off, the candle will light […]

Subtraction Wk 2: The Other Mill

Very exciting to use the The Other Mill! Again, I combined this with my light & interactivity class, and cut sensor and led holders for my candle enclosure. See final images and process for the candle here. I followed the step by step procedure on the ITP subtraction site. 1.) Made measurements of my parts […]