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DWD Wk 3: HW

Some resources provided by the professor this time: Code we did in class, and outline of how to get started with Heroku and SQL — Intro to SQL Another resource for SQL:–net-10188 — Questions about these instructions: (  1.) “In your local shell, you can try PORT=12345 node index.js” (in your […]

Light Wk 10: DMX Controller

Final code lives: here —– Final: Spring: Summer: Fall: Winter:     Process:    1.) Getting the DotzPar to work with the QLC+ GUI first. There was no problems with this. — 2.) Using node to run a simple test code that has the DMX lights fade in and out. — 3.) Running into issues again with […]

DWD Wk 3

In class notes: git branch (tells you what branch you are on) git status (gets status/tells you where you are) git checkout master (goes back to master) git checkout -b (creates new branch) touch.gitignore (create .gitignore file) touch “filename” (creates a new file) Steps for creating branch: 1. git branch fileName 2. git checkout (like […]

DWD Wk 2

Assignment lives on github Notes: npm install -s body-parser npm install -s npm install mustache –save npm install express –save   Somewhat helpful resources (?): lynda nodejs tutorial   The most helpful:

DWD Wk 1

Part 1: Make a static HTML page using specific HTML tags listed on the site. Get your static website hosted somewhere publicly available. For part 1, I decided to make a website about penguins. I had a good time and may have gotten carried away with the css and penguin side of things. Code for the website […]

Light Wk 8: Observations

Friday, 3/15/19, 6:51pm Canal St, E Houston St – New York The exterior of this historical building is accentuated by the soft, warm yellow glow that are cast from these industrial LED (most likely) lights that hang at the top of the roof. The lights are placed evenly along the side of the building, matching […]