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Data Art Wk 12-14: Data Critique

Final site: here Final code: here — Eva and I wanted to continue thinking through the topic of garbage. We had started this project thinking we would continue building out our original designs from the previous Data & Publics assignment. But after hearing Genevieve’s lecture and seeing the examples of how people use their projects […]

Data Art Wk 8-10: Data & Publics

Website so far (map only works locally) Code here Eva and I worked together to better understand where our garbage goes. We were interested in finding out where our different types of trash end up – does it stay in New York, end up in a different state, or even get sent out of country? […]

Data Art Wk 5-7: Text Archive

View live: Code here: ***Not very mobile friendly! Will really aim to get better at responsiveness! — Objective: I am interested in the connection between language and emotional well being. Is there a way to spot the signs of depression, anxiety, or suicidal tendencies based on the words we use and how they […]

Data Art Wk 2-3: Self Portrait

Live site (turn volume on): Code: — I documented every time I said ‘sorry’ in the course of a week. I wrote down who I said it to, why I said it, when and where it was said. Pretty sure I missed a couple sorries here and there, but I tried my best […]

Data Art Wk 1: Tree Rings

Assignment:┬áVisualize a data set in at least three ways. Choose to work with a different visual element, drawing inspiration from gestalt principles. Code for all three live here. — a.) Line Graph: b.) Rings + Heat Map: c.) Bar Graph: — Notes: It was a fun challenge trying (but failing) to create […]