Category: ITP Fall 2019

Data Art Wk 12-14: Data Critique

Final site: here Final code: here — Eva and I wanted to continue thinking through the topic of garbage. We had started this project thinking we would continue building out our original designs from the previous Data & Publics assignment. But after hearing Genevieve’s lecture and seeing the examples of how people use their projects […]

Live Web Wk 10: Finals Progress (v1)

Steps for Week v1 (11/14/19 – 11/21/19)  a.) Pixelate live stream + get RGB values of each pixel First I pixelated the live stream. This was the reference code for pixelating the live stream: pixelate effect (using this one!). Then I tried to find the rgb value for each pixel. I used the MDN example for that: getting […]

Joy + Games Wk 10: Fruit Bowling

(video doesn’t have the audio) For this week, I made a new game that simulates bowling with fruits! I came up with this idea after watching a very helpful bowling in unity tutorial. Right now, the instructions are: 1.) space bar to start bowling/move watermelon forward, 2.) right arrow to move right, 3.) left arrow […]

Data Art Wk 8-10: Data & Publics

Website so far (map only works locally) Code here Eva and I worked together to better understand where our garbage goes. We were interested in finding out where our different types of trash end up – does it stay in New York, end up in a different state, or even get sent out of country? […]