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Live Web Wk6: Midterm

Both are a work in progress, hoping to have a better “play” page soon:  Version working fine (not really using sockets): Version with bugs(using sockets): Issue with the buggy socket vs: color + sound keep a history. don’t get removed in socket version. — Code with socket io: All code versions, including […]

Live Web Wk5: Midterm Concept

Objective: My goal is to visualize the phenomenon of color and pitch frequency. Since both pitch and color use frequency, I aim to show the correlation between the two. Interaction: a.) On the “learn” page, when a person clicks/hovers over a section of color, the wavelength of the color will show up and the associated pitch […]

Understanding Networks All Wk: Reading Notes

Week 5: Week 4: Week 3: Week 2: