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Joy + Games Wk 10: Fruit Bowling

(video doesn’t have the audio) For this week, I made a new game that simulates bowling with fruits! I came up with this idea after watching a very helpful bowling in unity tutorial. Right now, the instructions are: 1.) space bar to start bowling/move watermelon forward, 2.) right arrow to move right, 3.) left arrow […]

Joy & Games Wk 8: Simulation

Assignment: make a simulation in unity. I decided to simulate a calm, fall-inspired boat ride. This was chosen party because of skill level, partly because of time, and partly because of all the beautiful yellow leaves I’m seeing! This isn’t the most exciting or goofy interaction but I’ve been feeling the need to calm down […]

Joy + Games Wk 3: Game Manifesto

Live site: Code: — Assignment 2: “As play designers intending to make joyful experiences, it’s time for you to articulate your own design values, which we’ll call your manifesto.” With this manifesto, I focused mostly on writing about the ‘flavor of joy’ I’m hoping to create with games/ playful experiences. Manifestos are inspiring […]

Joy + Games Wk 2: Aesthetic Game

Whose Is This? Game How the Game Works: There is one judge per round. The judge chooses a theme at random from a deck of themes. The themes are usually abstract and not literal (i.e. “dramatic”, “political”, “gooey”, “sadness”, “goofy”). The judge will not draw for that round. The players draw their version of the […]