Category: ITP Fall 2018

Fab Wk 3: Laser Cutting

For this week’s project to work with the laser cut, I wanted to try using LED strips to create a light box of sorts. I jumped around between several ideas, but eventually landed on the idea of doing animal shaped night light/ light box. Final result: — Process:  First was sketching out the animals on […]

Fab Wk 2: Modular

For this week’s assignment to make 5 identical objects, I decided to make hexagon ping pong paddles! The final result is below.   — Process: Originally, I was planning to do five bird houses, and even got so far as doing 1 birdhouse. See image below. I was not happy with the end result of […]

PCM Wk 9 Final: System Plan, Timeline, Materials

Solar Energy Learning Table Idea:  I aim to create an interactive learning table that explains how solar panels work and how energy is converted into electricity. Specific Points to Communicate: Main objective: Learn about the science of solar cells and how it can impact our lives if we incorporate it into our lifestyle. 1.) Science […]

PCM Wk 9 Final: Light + Filter Experiments

Experimenting with Lights and Filters 1.) First we prepared our equipments, filters and notes. Equipments include: a laser pointer, an LED flashlight, polarizing filters, solar panels, color filters. 2.) Next was experimenting with the polarizing filters to manipulate the amount of light that passes through. Polarizing filters may give us more range than neutral density […]

ICM Wk 8: Media

For this week’s assignment to create a sketch that uses external media (sound, images or video), I decided to do a piece using a song and the video camera. The final code is here: Below is a video of the piece:   — Process: This time around, instead of sketching out my plans for the […]

PCM Final: Research + Resources

Ongoing list of research links, videos, images related to solar energy and light: (this will be updated constantly)