Category: Light & Interactivity

Light Wk 10: DMX Controller

Final code lives: here —– Final: Spring: Summer: Fall: Winter:     Process:    1.) Getting the DotzPar to work with the QLC+ GUI first. There was no problems with this. — 2.) Using node to run a simple test code that has the DMX lights fade in and out. — 3.) Running into issues again with […]

Light Wk 8: Observations

Friday, 3/15/19, 6:51pm Canal St, E Houston St – New York The exterior of this historical building is accentuated by the soft, warm yellow glow that are cast from these industrial LED (most likely) lights that hang at the top of the roof. The lights are placed evenly along the side of the building, matching […]

Light Wk 7: Light Observations

Tuesday, 3/26/19, 4:50pm 721 Broadway, Fabrication Shop 5pm is the best time to work in the wood shop. The sun is beaming from the upper left corner of the window because the sun is setting in the south east and the window faces east. It’s kind of a mess in there, but the way the […]

Light Wk 6: Observation

03/03/19, Sunday @ 11:35AM Chelsea Market, Manhattan, NY From the color, the form, the light that is cast, it is clear that there are over 3 different types of light sources from this point of view. On the right, the warm light is coming from the timeless incandescent bulbs. In the middle of the roof […]