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Light Wk 12: Light Observation

05/01/19, 9AM 11th floor, Tisch Building The photo below is from the 11th floor, which is part of the Film Department. Their lighting situation in certain areas seemed very considered. For example, in their lounge space, there were many light sources that made for a well-lit room. However, when I checked the lux meter, it […]

Light + Energy Wk 12: CO2 Light

Data log csv file transferred and plotted with Google Sheets: Steps I went through this week:  a.) MKRZero Data logging! Started logging at 04/29/19 at 3AM  – 04/30/19 2AM (almost 24 hours). It logs every 5 seconds. Here are the CSV files: Data also looks like this: Trying to data log with the MKR […]

Light + Energy Wk 11: CO2 Light

Updates: a.) Game Plan + BOM: b.) Schematic Drawing: c.) Sketches + Cardboard Mockup     d.) Playing with Materials e.) Air Quality Sensor: A lot to do on this front! There were hiccups with the sensor, but determined to get data logging for the air quality asap! CCS811 is here so I hooked […]

Light Wk 10: DMX Controller

Final code lives: here —– Final: Spring: Summer: Fall: Winter:     Process:    1.) Getting the DotzPar to work with the QLC+ GUI first. There was no problems with this. — 2.) Using node to run a simple test code that has the DMX lights fade in and out. — 3.) Running into issues again with […]