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ICM Wk 8: Media

For this week’s assignment to create a sketch that uses external media (sound, images or video), I decided to do a piece using a song and the video camera. The final code is here: Below is a video of the piece:   — Process: This time around, instead of sketching out my plans for the […]

ICM Wk 7: Data

Overview For this week’s assignment to create a sketch that uses an external data source. I decided to proceed by finding dataset regarding suicide rates in different countries and use the table function of p5.js to help visualize the rates. Here is the final code: Below is a video that shows the final results:   […]

ICM Wk 6: DOM Elements

Here is the final code for this week’s homework: Below is a video of the sketch above.   — Process:  For this week’s assignment to create our own HTML page with the following: Pre-defined HTML Elements Pre-defined CSS Styles HTML Elements generated by your p5 sketch Some kind of mouse interaction with an HTML Element […]

ICM Wk 5 : Object-Oriented Sketch

Final results: sketch 1 , sketch 2 This week’s project is to create a sketch in an object-oriented fashion. Here are the steps to take for this project: 1. Make one single object with just variables. 2. Put one or more functions in the object. 3. Try manually making two objects. 4. Duplicate the object using an […]

ICM Wk 4: Functions

Final result: sketch — This week’s more open-ended assignment is to use functions for either a.) re-organize my code from a previous assignment or b.) start anew. I debated between the two options and decided I’d attempt to do 2 ideas, one of which is based on the previous week 2 assignment, but it will not […]