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Subtraction Wk 5: Joinery

CNC fun continues! The joinery I worked on this week is for a sconce lighting fixture. I tried out the rabbet joint to fit my pieces together. As usual, I ran into some issues. This time most of my issues were because I only have a 1/4″ bit but many of the joints required a […]

Subtraction Wk 4: CNC, CAD, CAM

I followed along with the skill builder tutorial. There were many hiccups along the way. Overall, great learning moments from this skill builder. 1.) First, I made the drawing in Vectorworks. In hindsight, I did my first sketch wrong. It took the help of Professor Ben to get it to be right. Remember for future: * […]

Subtraction Wk 2: The Other Mill

Very exciting to use the The Other Mill! Again, I combined this with my light & interactivity class, and cut sensor and led holders for my candle enclosure. See final images and process for the candle here. I followed the step by step procedure on the ITP subtraction site. 1.) Made measurements of my parts […]