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Energy Wk 12: Electrify Transportation

Presentation can be seen here: 041819 – Electrify Transportation (1) —- Credits Some of the best resources that helped with this: Battery + Energy Density: “Physics and Technology for Future Presidents” by Richard A. Mueller  Good video: Really good animation by DOE: Metro Electrify Aircrafts  

Light + Energy Wk 11: CO2 Light

Updates: a.) Game Plan + BOM: b.) Schematic Drawing: c.) Sketches + Cardboard Mockup     d.) Playing with Materials e.) Air Quality Sensor: A lot to do on this front! There were hiccups with the sensor, but determined to get data logging for the air quality asap! CCS811 is here so I hooked […]

Energy Wk 6-7: Solar, Cool Bunny

Final Piece: Solar energy will power the wireless communication device and temperature/humidity sensor. When an unhealthy (for the bunny) combination of high temperature and high humidity is measured, the feather RF will communicate to the other feather RF to use the relay to turn on the fan. The fan will then be used to cool […]

Energy Wk 5: Solar

Assignment: Measure the power used when the platform running different operations. They will be the basis for an energy budget for your project. So, I ran into issues with using the 6V solar panel, I didn’t have screw terminals nor the right jack on hand. As an alternative, I decided to solder my own small […]

Energy Wk 4: Battery

Record the specs for 3 batteries: chemistry, voltage, and capacity (if capacity is in amp hours, can you get to watt hours?). Energy(wh)  =  voltage * current * time 1.) iPhone XS Battery : Chemistry: lithium ion Voltage: 3.8v Capacity: 2.658 Ah Watt hours: 3.8v * 2.658Ah = 10.1004 Wh 2.) Headphones Battery: Chemistry: Li-Polymer Voltage: […]