Light Wk 2: Observations

Early Morning Exterior: 


Sunday, 02/10/19, 10:41 AM
Midwood, Brookyln

This is not that early morning and almost noon time as the shadows indicates. The shadows are slanted at around 4pm/ 5pm on a clock, which makes a lot of sense since this was taken near 11am morning. They are also crisp and create dark, cool shapes. Even the ridge running along the middle of the rooftop is almost a pure black. The side of the building that I am taking a photo faces east.

Night Scene:


02/12/19, Tuesday, 7:45pm
Broadway & Lafayette, New York

Although it is night time, it almost feels like it isn’t. This is partially due to the spotty and colorful light situation. There are multiple sources spotlighting specific regions. The headlights from the vehicle shine their bright lights on the roads, highlighting the grooves the cars have created on the slushy surface. Other vehicles in the background are also casting a sharp fluorescent light onto the ground. The three dimensional form that the snow and water have created are especially fun to look at because of the harsh and spotty lighting situation. Because of the bus lights, the raindrops are more clear and obvious to the eye. Even when the snow is a mushy mess, I still love seeing how light glistens and reflects off of it.