DWD Wk 1

Part 1: Make a static HTML page using specific HTML tags listed on the site. Get your static website hosted somewhere publicly available.

For part 1, I decided to make a website about penguins. I had a good time and may have gotten carried away with the css and penguin side of things.

Code for the website is here: https://github.com/emilylin-itp/pingu_pong

The website is deployed using Netlify: pingu.netlfiy.com
(still need need to make it responsive though)


Part 2

  • Write a command-line JavaScript program that takes a URL as a command-line argument, makes a request to that host, and prints the HTML response.
  • Write a command-line JavaScript program that generates a valid HTML document, writing it to a file. Try to include randomness or some other external source of data.
  • Write a command-line JavaScript program that reads a plain text file and generates an HTML page based on its contents. For example, consider each line in the text file to be a headline, and generate a mock newspaper homepage.


Helpful Resources:







Command lines to remember:

'node -v' : version of node
'process.exit()' : exiting terminal
'npm init':