DWD Wk 3: HW

Code we did in class, and outline of how to get started with Heroku and SQL
Intro to SQL

Extra Resources:

Questions about these instructions: (https://github.com/anb429/inclass/tree/master/class3

1.) “In your local shell, you can try PORT=12345 node index.js (in your github page for this week’s resources). Can you explain local shell more? And what does this do? 

2.) How do you do this step “Add var { Client } = require(‘pg’) to your imports”  in the postgres section? what imports? where do I find imports?

3.) How do you connect Postgresql to Javascript? Trying to follow along with: http://www.tothenew.com/blog/connect-to-postgresql-using-javascript/

but became stuck with this line of code (how do you know what to put for those specific parts, which password?):

var connectionString = "postgres://userName:password@serverName/ip:port/nameOfDatabase";