Live Web Wk 9: WebRTC Data Channels

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For this week, I made a very slow type of chat messaging (calling it snail msg for now?). The idea is that you can only send one letter at a time. I guess I am making this as a reminder to slow down and to be ok with taking my time. Sometimes I expect things to arrive immediately- a thesis idea, great project concepts, someone’s email/text response,  skills, knowledge. It’s helpful, especially right now, to remind myself to not rush. This is a super simple chat messaging system (a lot of the code was tweaked from the class example), but I enjoy the fact that it forces me to pay attention to every letter I type.

Notes & Questions:

  • In WebRTC, There have three main JavaScript APIs: 1. MediaStream, 2. RTCPeerConnection, 3. RTCDataChannel.
  • Why do I keep getting this “Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html:” and am not able to link my stylesheet. I have usually been able to do so in the past. What is different this time? Searched throughout stackoverflow, but couldn’t find a solution. In the meantime, I just added the style to the html pg.
    Screenshot 2019-11-06 00.21.52
  • had issues with creating a new div for each data that was sent over socket. realized the issue was that I was creating a new textNode to append to the div, when it should have been a new innerHTML to append! this was the solution!
  • add class to newly appended div: “newDiv.className = ‘name of class'”
  • also getting errors when using my own fonts. says “


Lines to Remember:

npm install nedb