Setting Up Domain Name, Server & SSL: Notes

My NYU hosted website doesn’t work anymore, so I’m trying to get my previous live web + data art projects that use an ssl certificate up and running again. In hopes that I don’t forget how to do this, I’m documenting my process of hosting my own domain name, getting my own server, and registering for ssl certificates. Should be simple, but let’s see!

Step 1: registered for a new domain name on Dreamhost. My new domain name:

Step 2: Created a new droplet on digital ocean.

Step 3: Added a SSH key. This video was quite helpful in understanding how to get a SSH key on my DigitalOcean. With all this set up I am now able to ssh in using terminal

ssh root@ipaddresss

I am also able to log into fetch server:

Hostname: ipaddress
Username: root

Step 4: point my DigitalOcean name server from common Domain Registrar. This was a helpful video and article.

Step 5: updating my previous code with new ssl certificate and rsa private key that DreamHost has provided.

Step 7: ran into a lot of issues with not being able to run “node server.js” in my terminal once my file was in fetch. realized i have to install node in it. must use these commands to install node. live web class page has a helpful tutorial for this.

apt-get update
apt-get install nodejs
apt-get install nodejs-legacy
apt-get install npm

Step 7: also had to reinstall forever

Step 8: on Digital Ocean it needs to have the ‘www’ added to the url name that points to the ip address.

To get ssh key content:

pbcopy < ~/.ssh/