Data Art Wk 2-3: Self Portrait

Live site (turn volume on):


I documented every time I said ‘sorry’ in the course of a week. I wrote down who I said it to, why I said it, when and where it was said. Pretty sure I missed a couple sorries here and there, but I tried my best to be diligent and honest about my recordings. After a week of collecting, I converted my notes into a json file and created a site to express this data. The json file is retrieved by using ajax xmlhttprequest, which I then parsed and pushed into arrays for each day. Still trying to figure out how to make more dynamic sites, but it was good fun trying to make this all in vanilla js. 

Note: this website is not mobile-friendly. It also doesn’t look good beyond 2560 x 1600. Need to learn how to make sites more responsive!

Credit: Thank you to Genevieve for the thoughtful feedback and coding tips post assignment!


Some questions:

  • Could I have used switch states instead of so many nested if statements for the mouse on part? how to properly use switch states?
  • I have a style sheet per html page? Is this the right way to do things? Stack overflow people say it’s fine to have more than one stylesheet, but there could be an easier way?

Helpful Resources: