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Live Web Wk 3.5: Coloring Book (NY Edition)

Code: Try it out! — Wk 3 Continued: 09/26/19 – 10/04/19 (version 2) I decided to continue working on the collaborative drawing project from last week because it didn’t turn out how I had imagined. It’s also good to just get more socket practice! There are so many features I still want to add, […]

Live Web Wk 2: Socket io Chat

Final code: here. Try it out here. Assignment: Get up and running with Node.js on Digital Ocean and the example Chat Application. Try to extend it a bit, make it better, more fun. Tushar and I worked on this together. We wanted to make chat messaging more silly, so we came up with turning people’s messages into […]

Live Web Wk 1: Self Portrait

Live (turn on volume): Code: — Assignment: “Using HTML5’s video or audio tags along with JavaScript, create an interactive self portrait.” This self portrait is meant to reflect an old school tv, with the letters of my names acting as buttons for different channels. The eyes (equipped with plus and minus signs) are […]