Live Web Wk 2: Socket io Chat

Final code: here.
Try it out here.

Assignment: Get up and running with Node.js on Digital Ocean and the example Chat Application. Try to extend it a bit, make it better, more fun.

Tushar and I worked on this together. We wanted to make chat messaging more silly, so we came up with turning people’s messages into comprehensible gibberish (kinda like adding static to communication). He focused on the socket io/ client to server communication. I focused on randomizing the message in js and the html+css.

User Experience:  a.) person types in user name to be able to access chat function, b.) pairs person with only one other person (if there is an odd number then that person must wait for another person to join, c.) people type away, hopefully not knowing that their messages are actually gibberish to the other person.

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