Animation Wk 1: Stop Motion

Here is the final!


Reflections + Process

Our first steps as a group was to share inspirations and ideas. After we shared the animations we were into and the ideas we had, we narrowed our concept down to just and storyboarded from there.

We came up with this quick and dirty storyboard:

Afterwards we spent some time individually working on building up the props to help create the suburban street and the solar system scene.

On Thursday, we had the props and the set ready, so Nick and I went over to Julia’s apartment, where she has a great area to shoot and plenty of craft materials. We spent a lot of time building the suburban street scene that the main dude, Manny, walks down on.

As we were filming, we realized we couldn’t pursue certain ideas because of the setup and limitations with the camera + physical setting. It was no problem because we improvised and came up with fun solutions along the way. For example, the planet rolling down the street was a new addition, but I personally love it. We probably wouldn’t have come up with it if we weren’t faced with the issue.

Building a physical set was also a new and fun experience for me. It has been so long since I built anything 3d. On top of that, I forgot what it’s like to scavenge for found materials. I’m so used to just creating through paper, drawing tools, and laptop, so trying to work with materials presents an interesting challenge.

This process was quite a fluid and easy one. I felt like our team worked extremely well with each other. Stop motion definitely takes a lot of patience and some troubleshooting, but it was well worth it. It definitely helps to have two experienced and wonderful filmmakers as my teammates.

Here is a combined video that includes all the time lapses of various steps for this project: