PCM Wk2: Soldering Lab

Lab: Soldering

I followed the same steps as the “How to Solder Video”

– First, I got all the materials listed in the ready. I used a potentiometer I found in the shop.

– I used the wire cutters to strip a 1/4″ of insulation off the wire. Then I threaded the wire into the holes of the potentiometer. I ended up cutting of the legs of the potentiometer, since I wouldn’t need them anymore and they were getting in the way when I tried to thread the wires.

– Then I melted the soldered the aluminum to the wires to have it connect with the potentiometer.

– Using the multimeter, I tested the resistance between the red (voltage) and black (ground) to make sure that I didn’t short circuit any of the 3 wires.

– After making sure nothing was short circuited, I used the hot glue gun to insulate the wires.

– I am hoping to use this soldered potentiometer in the circuit lab that I will do next!



Soldering is incredibly fun and very meditative; it reminds me of threading a needle and embroidering. I especially love it because of the detailed nature of the work. There’s a calmness to the work that I appreciate.

1.) “How to Solder Video” (5:14) – why can’t the longer and shorter part touch of the DC power connector? What will happen?
2.) What is the point of tinning? Why does it need a thin layer of tin?