PCM Final Wk 11: Playtest, Revisions, Prototype


My first play test for the solar interactive was extremely helpful. Since I last blogged, the idea has changed from using the polarizing filters within the box format to having a rotating light source that users could interact with. Below is a video of what I had play tested (minus the flashlight and screen).



The play test in class on Wednesday, 11/13/2018, was very helpful. The biggest takeaways were:

  1. Everyone pressed the battery button first. This was not the intention. I need to make it more clear that the button is for backup storage. Perhaps the battery will light up when there is no light. One user suggested that he would like to see the battery being charged when there is light shining on the house; this I think was a good suggestion.
  2. Users felt a disconnect between the screen + model. People often focused fully on either the house or the screen. There has to be a good enough reason for people to look at the screen, so have more connection between the two or add more info.
  3. Users liked the idea of having the moveable light source be on a track, they all agreed it would be more fun.
  4. A few users mentioned that they would like to see a # that tells them how much energy is being generated from the solar panels.

After the play test, I immediately focused on redesigning the interactive so it would be: 1.) Making the battery interactive less important and a secondary element, 2.) Connecting the screen with the house, 3.) prototyping the light on a track or handle idea and connecting it with time of day.

Below are a few sketches that try to solve for these issues:


After creating many sketches of the model I wanted, I focused on creating a working prototype. I was especially looking forward to prototyping the handle, because that was the hardest part for me to visualize in my head. Below are some process photos.



Below is a look at how the handle was put together. I placed the lock washer and washer on both ends of the bolt. I had to tighten the nut a lot in order for the handle to stay in place when my hand wasn’t holding it.


I am thinking that the lamp could be made of LED strips. On making this handle and trying to understand how to make the lamp, I used this video as a resource (also, how cool is Darbin?!) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHeJn1Hnfh0

However, my version has less arms and rotates on y axis, not z or x. I also intend for mine to be in a circular shape. Like her, I will also use plexiglass with magnets as a way to protect the LED lights, and I will use the eyelet hooks as a way to string the wire along the handle.

After assembling it all together, I tried play testing again on Monday (11/19/18). Here’s how it went:



This was helpful, but I do think it would’ve been more informative if I had a working version of the screen. Currently, making moves on the ICM front as well. Much more to do!