Fab Wk 3: Laser Cutting

For this week’s project to work with the laser cutter, I used laser cut acrylic and LED strips to create a light box. I jumped around between several ideas, but eventually landed on the idea of doing animal shaped night light/ light box.

Final result:


final hedhego


  1. First was sketching out the animals on illustrator. I tried to keep the style simple and graphic. I played around with the idea of making an oil diffuser with these wooden laser cut leaves in a jar, which is why there is a leaf on the side. Eventually that idea was dumped. The blue are the small marks for the engraving. I thought it’d be nice to add some minimal lines and textures.

Screenshot 2018-11-15 11.56.11

2. Then I laser cut a cardboard prototype of the animal (just to be safe).


3. Next was making the laser cut acrylic version.

acrylic laser cut

4.) Then I measured and calculated the dimensions for the lightbox using Illustrator.

5.) I laser cut the box using 1/8″ wood. Then I soldered my LED strip to the adaptor cable and attached it to the wood base.


6.) Last part was assembling it all together and making sure the light works. And it did!

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