PCM Final Wk 12: Prototype + Progress


After the 2nd play test and checking in on the new design with Professor Tom, I started fabricating the parts that I knew would be in the final piece. I knew this build was tough (for me) so I wanted to be sure I started making and ordering materials as soon as possible.

I first started measuring the dimensions based on my cardboard prototype. Instead of having exact measurements to build from, I did things a little differently. I decided to make my cardboard prototype without measuring and just make the box on what felt right for the design and interaction. Then for this final piece, I measured the exact dimensions I wanted based on the prototype. See sketches below.




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I asked my fabrication professor Mark Kleback, what the best way to go about the semicircle build would be. He recommended I not use the CNC since I don’t know it yet, and use the hand router and circle jig method.

Watched this great video: https://itp.nyu.edu/fab/router-and-circle-jig/ in order to know what I needed to get in order to make this happen. The 2nd year students, Anthony and Amitabh were also amazingly helpful in teaching me this new and exciting tool!

I then started to make all the large structural semi circle pieces. Below is the process. This took some test cuts before I could work on the final cuts, but it worked out well enough!




Next I got to work on the handles. This was done using a mix of the miter saw, band saw and belt sander. See photos below for images of the pieces and result of two 1/2″ wood glued together.




I also got to work on the other large structural elements, such as the top and side panels. The front panel I am saving because I am still waiting on the buttons to come in and the display is now designed in a way that the front panel needs to fit perfectly into the side panels. This can’t be measured until I assemble the structure together. Below is the piece with most of the large structural elements.

structure + house

The house structure was relatively easy, but the roof took a couple of tries to get right. Eventually I had the solar cell fitting perfectly in the cutout of the roof. See image below.




Next was the cover piece for the ball bearing, which I did a cardboard version of first. See process below.


failed lasercutter

I got to work on the yellow acrylic that would be the material for the final turntable, but the laser cutter took many tries and still wouldn’t cut through. Planning to try another time. In the meantime, the cardboard will have to do.

Now that I had the structural parts (minus the front) I began the assembling of the main big pieces.

set up for assembling

Assembling required corner brackets to hold the pieces together at 90 degree angle.

corner brackets for structure

Next was also assembling the hinge base for the handle. From assembling it I realized some issues that would have to be addressed- the space between the handle and the base was a little too large. There will need to be extra washers added to make that space perfectly tight.


Now, almost all the structure is in place. Parts missing and art still in progress: the front semi circle, which will be attached to some inside bars for support. It is also so that the hinge will be easily accessible from the back. Also the front display panel where the ipad and battery symbol will go.


More to come on all ends (circuit, fabrication and coding)!