Subtraction Wk 2: The Other Mill

Very exciting to use the The Other Mill! Again, I combined this with my light & interactivity class, and cut sensor and led holders for my candle enclosure.

See final images and process for the candle here.

I followed the step by step procedure on the ITP subtraction site.

1.) Made measurements of my parts and enclosure on paper:

fab measurements

2.) I went on Illustrator to create all the svg files for the cut outs and engravings.

example engraving

3.) Placed the files in Bantam Tools and adjusted the settings to fit my 1/8″ flat end bit and my 0.125″ sheet of acrylic.


4.) After inserting my bit into the machine, cleaning the acrylic with the alcohol cleaner, and double stick taping the back. I went on Batam Tool GUI. First thing I did was home the bit. Next, I began milling! Woohoo!


5.) Pieces are cut! Engraving is also there! This is all too exciting!

6.) Piece 1: Holder for the Neopixel


7.) Piece 2: Touch Sensor holder. Engraved the part with the solder and metal sticking out from the other side.

8.) And most importantly, I cleaned up! It gets pretty messy in there, so I made sure to clean up my winter snowstorm.

vaccuming the other mill

9.) Full enclosure: