Energy Wk 2: Induction

Our kinetic energy group (Sukanya, Sid and I) tried out a few steps using the stepper motor.

a.) We used the stepper motor, this is AC so we needed to add the diode rectifier to convert it to DC. We added a 470 µF capacitor, after the diode rectifier and before the LED in the circuit.



b.) We then took out the LED from the circuit and added the Watts Up device to our circuit. The Watts Up device is reading the volts and watts from our capacitor.



c.) We added the LED back into the circuit with the Watts Up device.



d.) Then, we added the switch to the circuit so that we could store up the volts in the capacitor until we discharged by toggling the switch. With the stepper motor and string we were able to easily get up to ~4V (unlike with my hobbyist DC motor) before discharging.