Subtraction Wk 3: More Other Mill

For this week, I tried to do inlay acrylic pieces with The Other Mill machine. I decided to do groovy hair clips/ pins using the acrylic scraps from last week. The goal was to aim small and do something I would want to sport!

Cut my scrap pieces from last week into more manageable sizes.


First, I sketched out some simple designs. I had to tweak the designs because my bit size wouldn’t be able to handle any fine lines.

I then made individual Illustrator files to then import into Bantam Tools. I’m still way more comfortable in Illustrator than in Vectorworks. I don’t find doing offset and using the pathfinder tool is difficult in Illustrator, so I stuck with it.

Bantam version is ready. I located the tool to get the bit to zero in on the surface. Then I honed it. Double stick tape was applied to the back. Milling time begins!

Uh-oh, halfway through the double stick must have loosened and the acrylic piece came off the bed.


I needed to clean up the machine and start over again. This is not ideal because as you will see it will never be placed in the exact position as before.

After the 2nd try, I finally finished the outer white cut.

finished_white_floweryay_finished cutting

Onto the black acrylic for the center of the groovy circle now!


I ended up having to do 2 of the black circles. Since the flower circle was not cut exactly as designed, the inlay did not fit perfectly in the hole. To solve for this, I made another bigger black piece for the bottom of the flower pin. This would be where the pin sits anyways.

After cleaning up, I glued the 3 parts together.


This did not turn out ideal because of the imprecise inlay, but I am hoping that sanding and waxing the acrylic will help a lot.

Finished pin!