Light Wk 4: Sconce (wip)

Another Possible Project Idea:


Possible Project Idea (still not sure):

A pair of sconces that turn on when there is a key placed on the handle and turns off when there is not.

Potential ideas for dimming: when person is closer to the fixture, the light dims. when person is further from the fixture, the light brightens. when the lights are off in the apartment (room light), the light turns off

Disclosure: have another form for the same idea.

Sketches of Ideas/ Mechanisms:


Coding Process:

  • Played around with the High Watt LEDs



  • Played around with Ultrasound sensor as a possibility


Fabrication Process: 

Tried to see how this key switch would work if I went with this direction. The switch handles would have to be fabricated, since it needs to have a way to hold the keys well.




Helpful resources for ultrasonic sensors:—v40/circuit-3b-distance-sensor


Helpful resources for making sconces: