Light Wk 4: Observations

barnes and noble cafe

Monday, 2/25/19, 12:54 PM
Barnes & Noble 3rd Floor, New York 

This Barnes & Noble faces south. On a sunny day, the light casts highlights on the sides of the cafe goers faces. The placement of the window decides who receives the sunlight and who doesn’t. With this bright sunlight, I wonder why the lamps are still on. When I was in there, the light fixtures didn’t make a big difference in that area. Most of the light in the cafe section is overpowered by the sun’s light, which casts a wider range within the room.


mala project restaurant

Sunday, 2/17/19, 8:36 PM
Mala Project, New York

This moment was as overpoweringly red as it looks in this photo. The red color is coming from many different sources: the unnaturally colorful neon lights and the red lantern shades above. The red is further emphasized in the space because the light sources are reflected on these reddish-brown bricks, which reflects the red even more. The way neon emanates light is spectacularly unnatural and fluorescent. For example, the neon light that is highlighted in the poles and waxy wood surface of the ceiling’s beams are a highlighter pink. And the neon itself is so bright that it looks white in the photo. I especially love the powerful glow that surround it and the reflection it casts on the surface in front or back of it ( I can’t tell).