Light Wk 5: Observation


Monday, 3/04/19, 4:30 PM – 6:30PM
Brooklyn, New York

The window faces north. When the sun is still up, the gradation in the sky color and the moving clouds are obvious despite the translucent curtains. Through the curtains, you can roughly see that the sun must be reflecting on a building (located on the bottom right of the window frame), causing an orange globe to sporadically show up. Outside, the sky becomes warmer in color and then gradually changes in color temperature at around 0:19 seconds in the clip. The cold color when the the sky goes into night time makes the room’s interior appear a sickly yellow instead of a warm yellow. This yellow is noticeably more “unnatural”,  as it is is coming from the room’s led lights. In this time lapse, the shift between cold and warm colors, natural and room light are markedly different.

My favorite parts of this timelapse is noticing the gentle colors reflected onto the smooth desk. I especially like the blueish white color from the outside that is reflected through the curtains and onto the reflective desk and keyboard.