Light Wk 5: Sconce (wip)

I’ve decided to execute the key sconce idea! This also includes finalizing the interaction:

a.) if key is on handle:

  • turn light on
  • play tune on speaker
  • animate light brightness to match with tune

b.) if key is not on handle:

  • turn light off

c.) if key is on handle, but room is dark:

  • dim light so it is a night light


Steps I took: 

a.) Touch sensor with lights turned on. Code here.


b.) Melody combined with touch sensor and lights. Code here.


c.) Trying out ATtiny chip: Ran into issues with burning it.

d.) Fabrication side of things can be seen here:

* Writing a note because I always get stuck with timing in arduino:
– To have the beep last only 2 seconds even when touch sensor is pressed, use a counter.
– Example psuedo code:
// if button is on
// counter ++
// if counter < x time
// perform function
// else stop function
// else counter = 0

Helpful Resources: