Subtraction Wk 5: Joinery

CNC fun continues! The joinery I worked on this week is for a sconce lighting fixture. I tried out the rabbet joint to fit my pieces together. As usual, I ran into some issues. This time most of my issues were because I only have a 1/4″ bit but many of the joints required a smaller bit size. The joints became too rounded to properly fit together. This all requires some redesign. Nonetheless, I do think I’m getting better at the CAD – CAM – CNC process! Hope I didn’t just jinx it.

  1. First phase was doing a cardboard mockup. Then I did more accurate drawings for the dimensions.



2. I used Vectorworks to make the 2D files first. Then brought it into the CAM software.


3. Screwed down the wood to the spoil board.


4. Brought the files into the CNC software. Started cutting after zeroing.


After cutting, I realized that the joints that I had designed for the side panels were way to small for my bit. This means all the joints were rounded. So I need to figure out a way to create the joints without having rounded corners.

Back to the drawing board!

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