Light Wk 6: Observation

chelsea market light observation

03/03/19, Sunday @ 11:35AM
Chelsea Market, Manhattan, NY

From the color, the form, the light that is cast, it is clear that there are over 3 different types of light sources from this point of view. On the right, the warm light is coming from the timeless incandescent bulbs. In the middle of the roof there are rows of LED (I’m pretty sure?) lamps hanging from the ceiling. These larger lamps are slightly cooler than the incandescent bulbs, but they might not be cool white? Perhaps just in comparison, the LED lamps look as though they are a cool white. The colors on the glossy but banged-up wood panels make this color distinction especially obvious. From the candle project, I know that the black floor boards make for an especially reflective surface.

On the left there is natural light shining through. I remember the day being sunny, but sometimes overcast. Therefore, the bright blue is definitely coming from the sky. Hiding underneath the lower roof of the shops on the right are what looks like christmas-type lights being strung.

This scene is lovely for it’s various light sources. The beams and pipes on the roof make such beautiful shadows on the roof.