Light Wk 7: Light Observations


Tuesday, 3/26/19, 4:50pm
721 Broadway, Fabrication Shop

5pm is the best time to work in the wood shop. Light beams in from the upper left corner of the window because the sun is setting in the south east and the window faces east. It’s kind of a mess in there, but the way the light shines on the brick wall and the machines covered in saw dust is just gorgeous. The pictures don’t do the moment justice, because when you are in the shop at this hour you see all the particles dancing right in front of your face. It glitters.

The room is already a light tan color and at this hour the beige of the room becomes more prominent. The natural light helps reflect the beige of the space. Even the windows are coated in the beige of the saw dust. Their is a warmth in color to this space at this hour that I find relaxing.