Understanding Networks Wk 1: Reading Notes

Personal Notes

“Linked” Chapter 1-4:

  • QS: Since different networks probably follow different rules, it seems like Erdos and Renyi’s idea that nodes are connected randomly is an oversimplification of a complicated system?
  • By the end of chapter 4, we find out that people now think that networks are a combination of the two models (cluster formation, but links are random). Does this model exist for other networks? Albert Lazlo foreshadows that his research does not reveal this to be true for the Internet. I am curious to know how his research could be drastically different. 
  • QS: Is it possible that there is not only one overarching model that ALL networks follow? Couldn’t there be certain networks that look like one type of model, and another network look like another? I can imagine social networks being very different from molecular structures, even if they do have cluster formations. Do most scientists and mathematicians believe that there must be only one main model that all networks follow? Or is this something that they are trying to figure out?
  • “If the network is large, despite the links’ completely random placement, almost all nodes will have around the same number of links”
    • QS:  What is considered a large number though? Large depends on context, when does a network become considered large? Doesn’t a large network also depend on the type of network?
  • QS: the book mentioned in Chapter 3 that we would need a map of the full web, and nobody has one. Is this still true? How would one obtain a map, using robots/crawlers? What is limiting our current ability to get a full map? Is it the fact that billions of new urls and nodes are formed everyday? Is there another reason?
  • After reading these chapters, I am left wondering: does the internet work the same way as networks in society?

Why Google Went Offline Today and a Little Bit About How the Internet Works

  • Why is that no one from Moratel know how to check if they are receiving and announcing incorrect routes? Why is it that Cloudfare needs to do this task? What is Moratel not checking themselves? 
  • “Peering” is mentioned in the article but never explained? “Moratel immediately shutdown the BGP peering with Google after contact was made…” 

325 Hudson

  • Purpose: “325 Hudson provides a stable long term neutral and cost effective environment for global and domestic network operators”
  • QS: “Meet Me Room”: best place to get connected
    • Why do they look like big black boxes? What is the reason behind the design of these?

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