Joy + Games Wk 3: Game Manifesto

Live site:


Assignment 2:As play designers intending to make joyful experiences, it’s time for you to articulate your own design values, which we’ll call your manifesto.”

With this manifesto, I focused mostly on writing about the ‘flavor of joy’ I’m hoping to create with games/ playful experiences. Manifestos are inspiring but it is hard for me to write with the same gusto and one-sidedness that they are often written in. Although my paragraphs ended up being manifesto-like, I still wanted to make the text feel impermanent. The paint splatter on mouse click came in handy for making the text feel less precious. While I do believe in what I wrote at this time, I also think that what I believe in could easily change and there are always multiple viewpoints to consider. Overall, it was fun to reflect on the type of playful experiences + game environment I hope to create this semester. I chose to communicate this via a website because I’m just trying to get better at coding websites- so why not take the opportunity to practice?!