Joy and Games Wk 4: Rube Goldberg Machine

Assignment: Make a Rube Goldberg device in Unity. The device should include at least 5 separate steps/phases.

I know what I made is such a basic animation with very basic shapes and physics, but this was quite a challenge for me. Still trying to get a handle on Unity and everything (even the most simple event I have in mind) requires a tutorial viewing. It was a good time, but needless to say I am a noob and feeling it. Note to self: everyone needs to start somewhere! I’m starting here! Happy to have the semester to practice Unity.


  • How to make the colors change on an event and have that see-saw like cup motion in my 3rd reference? Tried to do it using hinge joint but didn’t work. What am I doing wrong? Does it require a script?
  • Why is that salon-like hinge at 0:23 so wonky and changing the shape of the door?
  • How to properly animate and save the animation? Right now, the below is just a screen recording for documentation purposes. If I were to render, how would I go about doing it in a fast way. Also, is it even worth it to render or should we only do it when we want to “deploy”?

Helpful Resources (that weren’t in the Unity Documentation):