Category: ITP Fall 2019

Live Web Wk 4: GIF Chat!

Live website: Code: Note: still a WIP, need to work out the css/responsiveness bit. Also have to figure out why the camera + username input doesn’t work once I run it on forever in the terminal. In general, I need to learn how to properly add the SSL certificate to my express […]

Joy and Games Wk 4: Rube Goldberg Machine

Assignment: Make a Rube Goldberg device in Unity. The device should include at least 5 separate steps/phases. I know what I made is such a basic animation with very basic shapes and physics, but this was quite a challenge for me. Still trying to get a handle on Unity and everything (even the most simple event […]

Understanding Networks Wk 2-4: Traceroute

Live site: Code here: — For this traceroute assignment, I used my traceroute data to create a spin-off of google maps. Calling it Traceroute Hop Stops! I first collected the traceroute data from my home, school and a coffee shop. Next, I converted it into a json file. I used to help to […]

Understanding Networks Wk 4: Definitions

WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication): is a free, open source project that enables web browsers with real-time communication capabilities. WebRTC doesn’t require any plug-ins or applicataions. The technology allows video, audio streaming, and data sharing between clients. How does it work? It is using a set of JavaScript APIs that produces and transmit the multimedia data […]

Joy + Games Wk 3: Game Manifesto

Live site: Code: — Assignment 2: “As play designers intending to make joyful experiences, it’s time for you to articulate your own design values, which we’ll call your manifesto.” With this manifesto, I focused mostly on writing about the ‘flavor of joy’ I’m hoping to create with games/ playful experiences. Manifestos are inspiring […]

Live Web Wk 3.5: Coloring Book (NY Edition)

Code: Try it out! — Wk 3 Continued: 09/26/19 – 10/04/19 (version 2) I decided to continue working on the collaborative drawing project from last week because it didn’t turn out how I had imagined. It’s also good to just get more socket practice! There are so many features I still want to add, […]