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Joy & Games Wk 8: Simulation

Assignment: make a simulation in unity. I decided to simulate a calm, fall-inspired boat ride. This was chosen party because of skill level, partly because of time, and partly because of all the beautiful yellow leaves I’m seeing! This isn’t the most exciting or goofy interaction but I’ve been feeling the need to calm down […]

Live Web Wk 8: Pixel Manipulation

Live: Code Excited for pixel manipulation! Didn’t have much of a strong concept behind this assignment, just wanted to play around and implement some features. A couple of functions I wanted: a.) sliders to control different aspects of the color and pixels b.) a way for the image and video to be downloaded c.) a […]

Data Art Wk 5-7: Text Archive

View live: Code here: ***Not very mobile friendly! Will really aim to get better at responsiveness! — Objective: I am interested in the connection between language and emotional well being. Is there a way to spot the signs of depression, anxiety, or suicidal tendencies based on the words we use and how they […]

Live Web Wk6: Midterm

Both are a work in progress, hoping to have a better “play” page soon:  Version working fine (not really using sockets): Version with bugs(using sockets): Issue with the buggy socket vs: color + sound keep a history. don’t get removed in socket version. — Code with socket io: All code versions, including […]

Live Web Wk5: Midterm Concept

Objective: My goal is to visualize the phenomenon of color and pitch frequency. Since both pitch and color use frequency, I aim to show the correlation between the two. Interaction: a.) On the “learn” page, when a person clicks/hovers over a section of color, the wavelength of the color will show up and the associated pitch […]

Understanding Networks All Wk: Reading Notes

Week 8: Week 6-7: Week 5: Week 4: Week 3: Week 2:

Live Web Wk 4: GIF Chat!

Live website: Code: Note: still a WIP, need to work out the css/responsiveness bit. Also have to figure out why the camera + username input doesn’t work once I run it on forever in the terminal. In general, I need to learn how to properly add the SSL certificate to my express […]