Light Wk 1: Interruptable LED Fade, Toaster Lamp

Code can be found on: github


a.)  I tried to combine this fading led project with my subtraction assignment, which was to make this awkward circle with a cut through it. As I was looking at the diagram for the piece we needed to make, I realized it looked a lot like a toaster! So, I decided to make the fading leds look a bit like the fire in a toaster. Sketch below.

Link to the process for fabrication:

IMG_3787 2


b.) Below is the schematic for the 5 fading leds and the steps I would need to take for it.

IMG_3789 2

c.) I did my circuit first with just one fading led.

d.) Then I added the 5 leds, alternating reds and yellows to hopefully achieve a more fire-y glow. I also added the sin function to the code.

e.) Circuit looks like the photo below.


f.) After getting the circuit and code figured out I moved onto the enclosure and soldering the leds to a thin pcb that would fit in the toaster lamp.

g.) I then had the wirees for the leds and the potentiometer come out of a hole I drilled in the back of the lamp. I also attached a little cap I had to the pot.

h.) Below is the view of fading leds from top view and with a junk acrylic.