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PCM Wk 3: Labs

Lab 2: Digital Input and Output with an Arduino I first followed along with the “Digital Output” video.   Next, I wired up the Arduino with a pushbutton, making sure that the red jumper goes to the 5V and the black goes to the Ground. On the right, is the version with 2 LEDs and […]

PCM Wk2: Labs

Lab: Setting up a Breadboard I followed along the three examples to find out if the LED would light up. I tried to guess first, but before checking the answer I tried to set the circuit it up myself. Below are 3 examples. Answer 1: Answer 2 (the one that doesn’t light up): Answer 3 […]

PCM Wk2: Soldering Lab

Lab: Soldering I followed the same steps as the “How to Solder Video” – First, I got all the materials listed in the ready. I used a potentiometer I found in the shop. – I used the wire cutters to strip a 1/4″ of insulation off the wire. Then I threaded the wire into the holes […]

PCM Wk 1: Thoughts on the Readings + Videos

Reflections on “The Art of Interactive Design” by Chris Crawford The quote “interactivity is superior to all forms of human expression in one way: it engages the human mind more powerfully than any other form of expression” makes a lot of sense. Interaction grabs our attention the way the way no other form of communication […]